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Practice And Career: Defend Yourself From Healthcare Fraud Accusations

Practice And Career: Defend Yourself From Healthcare Fraud Accusations

If you have been employed, working in your clinic, nurse, or any healthcare position in a healthcare facility, you have the right to defend yourself from any accusations. Or, you can file a legal case for any malpractice with a certified federal racketeering lawyer. Both Medicare procedures and Medicaid billing are expected to face troubles since both works are confusing. Thus, it is easy for you to target healthcare fraud accusations, which can be dealt with by the right lawyer to help settle the case.

What is healthcare fraud?

Healthcare fraud is a white-collar crime type, involving the filing of dishonest healthcare claims turning into a profit.

Healthcare fraud is a type of scam that refers to a product claiming to prevent, treat, or cure illness or diseases and to other health conditions, but not proven safe and effective. Healthcare fraud scams can waste money and may lead to delays in getting correct diagnoses and treatment.

What are the grounds for healthcare fraud? 

Fraudulent healthcare plans come in several forms. The practitioner plans include the following:

  1. Individuals obtain subsidized or fully covered prescription drugs unneeded and sell them on the black market for the purpose of profit.
  2. Medical billing by practitioners for unrendered care.
  3. Filing duplicate claims for the same service rendered.
  4. Changing dates, identities of providers or members, and description of services.
  5. Billing non-covered services
  6. Modifying medical records
  7. Intentional wrong reporting of procedures or diagnoses to maximize payment
  8. Using unlicensed staff
  9. Giving or accepting kickbacks for member referrals
  10. Waive member co-payer
  11. Prescribing unnecessary or additional treatment

Healthcare fraud investigations are rising nowadays; even the hint of accusations can harm your practice and career. These healthcare fraud allegations are to be defended by the federal racketeering lawyer. Executing successful defense strategies to win the case are applied by these lawyers to fix the problem legally.

Members can commit healthcare fraud by giving false information when applying for services or programs. Selling or forging prescription drugs is not allowed and as a worker or member, you should not be doing this, or else raising healthcare fraud can be filed against you.

If you are a practitioner and case of your malpractice, you might be under investigation for healthcare fraud, in which you have the right to defend yourself with a proper lawyer. A successful health care provider prosecution ending in a conviction may have serious consequences. Possible consequences that the healthcare provider will be facing are:

  • incarceration
  • fines
  • losing the right to practice

Sadly, you will be saying goodbye to your long years of studying and rendering service to the public with just one mistake. See a lawyer for this.

William Serem